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Everything what you wish:

Chauffeur, accompany, assistant...

We organise for you tickets for all sport events, finals, theatre tickets, concert tickets, tickets to the famous balls, table reservations for the Oktoberfest and get you VIP tickets to all mayor events.

Let us plan a romantic week-end for you.

How about Christmas in the Alps, experience unforgettable moments which you will cherish in the years to come.

We would be delighted to take care of all kinds of reservations for you, for example a table booking in a Michelin Star restaurant, room bookings in 5-star luxury hotels, get you on the guest list of the famous nightclubs or invites to exclusive parties.

We also organise your luxury wedding and your birthday according to your wishes, and make sure to make this special day an incredible one in your life.

You wish to go VIP shopping, Sale shopping, children shopping, man express shopping or extra dimensions shopping. No problem for us.

It would be a pleasure to plan for your health and revitalisation programmes in the well known wellness hotels in Europe.

Make appointments for you with the best beauticians and hairdressers.

In the matter of health, we organise your medical checkups and treatments of all kind at the best medical centres with the most highly approved doctors and professors in Germany.

Steinborn Concierge club also organises your appointment for your aesthetic surgery or Hollywood smile with competent doctors with long time experiences in their field.